This is a passion project as part of COVERDALE in Community and addresses young people in transition to adulthood.

What do I have to say goodbye to? What’s next for me? Where do I want to develop? What is the next good step? For young people with lots of questions, coaches Franziska Schmuck and Hanspeter Durlesser are offering a 3-day “Walk away”-camp in Franconian Switzerland at the beginning of July. Together with the group, and with curiosity, courage and a sense of adventure, they explore these questions and navigate the transition to something new in the midst of nature.

Dear young people, dear graduating students,

You are at an important transition, perhaps having passed your final exams or completed your vocational training or being at an important crossroads in your life. An crucial and eventful time in your life is coming to an end, and a new chapter is beginning. Perhaps, it is time to say goodbye to your parental nest or to many of your schoolmates or to the usual school routine with its predetermined structures and much more. And what happens when no one tells you what to do? If you renow asked to make decisions for your life all by yourself … .

For this farewell, the many questions and the transition into something new, we offer you a three-day “Walk away”-camp in the middle of nature, where you will need your curiosity, courage and thirst for adventure.


A great opportunity to pause together with other young people, leave some things behind and think about the future. “Walk aways” are a small initiation into adulthood. It’s about consciously saying goodbye to something familiar, and stepping into something new and often uncertain with new courage. We use a retreat in nature for this, where there will be several small and larger tasks.
You go out into nature with various questions: What do you have to say goodbye to? What do you want to let go of? What do you dream of in the future? How do you want to live? What is important to you? What is the next good step? The main part is a 24-hour solo, spending time alone alone in the naturewith only a sleeping bag and a rain shelter , without solid food. The whole experience is intensively prepared and debriefed in the group ofother young people. In between, there is plenty of time to sit around the campfire, chat and cook together.


Who will accompany you?

Hanspeter Durlesser
Dad of three almost grown-up children, vision quest leader (School of Lost Borders), has been working as a consultant and coach for over 20 years.
Franziska Jewelry
Mother of three daughters, with ayouth work background, has worked for many years with groups and teams outdoors in nature; vision quest leader (School of Lost Borders) and coach.

The camp takes place at the Harnbachmühle in the Pegnitz Valley in Franconian Switzerland. You can spend the night there in a tent. We will cook vegetarian and vegan meals together.


Monday, 01.07.24 (evening 18.00 hrs) – Thursday, 04.07.24 (noon approx. 13.00 hrs)
Please register by the end of May.


How much?
€ 150,- for everything (If this should be a hinderance for your participation, do not hesitate to get in touch!)


What you need:
Backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and waterproof clothing. A tarp can be borrowed.

Further information:
If you are interested, please get in touch with us and we will have a short preliminary talk to see how it suits you and what you need. We look forward to your interest!


Not quite so young, but also at a transition?
3-day R-AUS-Zeit