Our program for the development of Personal Mastery.


You are… team leader, project manager or technical expert.


You sense… that the biggest lever for your further progress lies not so much in the technique and application of methods, but in your personality.


You want… to unleash more impact and gain more confidence in dealing with a variety of people and situations.


You are ready… to learn together with individuals who are on the same threshold, and to find out more about your impact through exercises and trusting exchanges.


We support you… in sharpening your ability to observe external and internal events and act appropriately.


Objectives and benefits

Through the “Personal Mastery” program, you will gain more self-competence, i.e. increased performance, serenity and well-being.

In detail, this means:

  • Gaining more knowledge about yourself and become more aware of helpful and obstructive behavioral patterns.
  • Learning to develop your strengths and those of your colleagues and employees and breaking through obstructive patterns.
  • Training your ability to observe and listen, giving constructive feedback and expressing your point of view clearly and confidently.
  • Gaining the ability to shape collaboration processes, enjoying working with others and achieving great things.


The “Personal Mastery” program can be conducted out in both as a single module and as a multi-module program. Currently, we offer this format as an in-house training.