Individual transformation, personal readjustment, clarification of central questions in combination with nature experience.


  • You realize that a new phase in your life is beginning and you want to consciously shape it?
  • The pandemic with working from home has made you think about the priorities in your life and your leadership role, but you don’t have the space in your everyday life to follow this properly?
  • Are you experiencing a feeling of dissatisfaction with what you are doing now? Are you looking for clarity on what you need to change, and how? Or do you just want to open a new door?
  • Are you about to take on a new (leadership) role or have you recently done so? And would you like to consciously take the time to consider how to  fulfill it?


From our experience, both individuals and organizations often reach a point in their “lifecycle”  where they perceive: “I can’t go on like this”, i.e. familiar methods, actions, or patterns are no longer effective and real development is hardly possible with the usual approach.

Transformation involves not remaining in front of the ‘eye of the needle’, but consciously perceiving and acknowledging this state, leaving behind what belongs in the past, inviting the new and exploring it in a protected space.


We want to support this path and open up a space (in nature) for it. We offer you:

  • a (structured) time-out to reconnect with your inner sources and wisdom and to find answers to a personal, ordifficult questions that may lay deeper.
  • Contemporary space in nature based on ancient traditions to connect to your inner wisdom and source of strength, to encounter your own nature.


Target group

Individuals who are at a point in their lives where something is coming to an end or where something new is imminent, professionally and/or privately. A question may already be present to which an answer is being sought, or the search for the question itself may be in the center.



On the “meta level”

  • Gaining clarity about the phases and design principles of a transformation process, both as an individual and as an organization

On a personal level

  • Getting clarity on your own question, with …
  • impulses for your own further process.


Information on

Duration: Three days, including one day and one night in nature
Date: June 19-21, 2024 (Allgäu)
Max. Participants: 10 persons


Comments of participants

“The congenial trainer duo Durlesser and Schattschneider know how to take the participants on a journey with great competence and seniority: out of the comfort zone and into nature! The insights are amazing! So: Sign up. Take part. Live (more) liberatedly.” – Christoph Halbig


“Andreas Schattschneider and Hanspeter Durlesser planned and implemented the “R-AUS Zeit” very well from start to finish. I felt picked up from the very first moment, very well guided and accompanied. The three days took me out of my comfort zone. And in the end, everything that was lying dormant deep inside me was allowed to come out. A group of eight people was perfect for my taste. The rituals were new to me and really catapulted me into another world. Exciting and perhaps even worth repeating. I would like to thank this great team from the bottom of my heart and hope to get more of them.” – Antje Reh


“Many thanks to Hanspeter and Andreas, who created an absolutely coherent and trusting framework with their “R-AUS Zeit”, which leads to the actual topics, questions and, above all, answers. I am incredibly happy to have taken this time.” – Moritz Keding


“Through the R-AUS-Zeit, I get in touch with myself where I don’t expect it. Repressed, buried, necessary things within me become accessible. Andreas and Hanspeter open doors to our inner selves through their sensitive guidance. The nature of the 24-hour solitude shows us which of these open doors we walk through. The impact of the topics discussed will stir up emotions and thoughts. Reflecting on the experience afterwards strengthens for embarking on new paths. Thank you, Andreas and Hanspeter, for accompanying us!” – Johannes Wiedemann



  • Individual preliminary discussion, afterwards decision on participation
  • 3-day seminar  R-AUS Zeit
  • additional coaching unit to support implementation


Participant fee

For companies: 1500 Euro
For private individuals: According to self-assessment plus costs for accommodation and meals