For a self-confident and powerful existence


Do you prefer to always please everyone? Do you find it difficult to stand up for yourself? Do you suppress your anger out of fear of the consequences? Or do you only realize that you have been suppressing your anger when you go home? Do you say “yes” when you mean “no”? Would you like to stand up for yourself and say “stop” more often?


Many people find it difficult to set boundaries and stand up for themselves and their own interests. Expressing anger directly may seem uncontrolled and unprofessional. So they take their anger home with them and suppress it. The emotional energy of anger is then either directed against themselves orbreaks through in the “wrong” place and in an uncontrolled manner. In the end, this energy as a source for assertiveness and innovation both in their working life and for their personal development, is lost.


In this training, we use anger as a source of strength, practice saying no, express criticism, and deal with the aggressiveness of others. For when your anger is available to you in difficult situations, and if you are able to you express it appropriately, you gain clarity, steadfastness and assertiveness. You also ensure that you stay healthy, avoid burnout, and become more resilient .


Over these three days, you will discover your inner strength and connect with your energy.
Self-reflection and interactive exchange in groups alternate with physical exercises and the application of theoretical models.


The red threads of the training will guide you …

… from the outside to the inside, that means from learned behavior to the original form,
… from the destructive to the powerful and energizing side of anger and rage,
… from theory to practical application, both professionally and privately.


Target groups

Individuals who want to go through life more resiliently and develop more clarity, strength, and self-confidence in their interactions with others by setting boundaries. Employees who are new to a (leadership) role.


Comments of  participants


“The seminar opened up a completely new, positive approach to the topic of anger and a valuable source of strength for me. Since then, I have enjoyed using this source of energy constructively in my daily life. – Thanks to the fantastic trainer duo!” – Stefan R.


“In this highly stimulating workshop, I was able to approach anger and aggression in a new, creative way. Through carefully selected exercises, I learned how to deal better with these – often suppressed – emotions.” – Lisa B.


“I was particularly exited about the idea and then trying out how to transform anger and annoyance into steadfastness and assertiveness – without much effort.” – Carsten K.


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