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The principles of action and convictions that
steer and guide.

Our way of working! Our perspective on the world! Our USP! What’s so special about Coverdale? It’s hard to put it into words, you actually have to experience it. Because it is less about what we do, and more about how we do it.

Experiential learning

Coverdale experiential learning means more than knowledge expansion. It is about applying, practicing, and reflecting on one’s own actions to develop skills and implement knowledge in everyday situations. With the Coverdale method, participants consciously take responsibility for their learning – not for everyone, because it requires the courage to take risks and leave the comfort zone. Learners need the courage to take a closer look, because they are going beyond their abilities and entering uncertain territory. Developing this willingness to take risks requires time and a protected space where learning is the only consequence of trial and error. Here is the door.

Understanding of consulting

Our mission statement: We enable people to succeed
– together!

We support organizations, teams, and individuals in developing their leadership and collaboration skills. Our aim is for everyone to be empowered to act flexibly in changing contexts, to manage process components independently, and to contribute their strengths and potentials after consulting with us. Being human and striving for business success are not contradictory for us. Our preference is to strengthen self-efficacy and unlock potentials. In co-creation with our clients on equal footing, we leverage Coverdale know-how and a global network. Enabling, for us, means making you, your team, and your organization fit for the future.


Welcome to our journey through the essence of our corporate soul – here, our values, which form the pulsating core of our mission and culture, come to life.


We operate on a basis of trust, respect and partnership with our clients and we are transparent in everything we do. We value differences and believe every individual has something to offer.


We believe in continuous learning and development, and encourage everyone to achieve their full potential. Experiential learning is our key method to enable individual growth and the ability to develop, and we create innovation with our “how can we do that” approach.

Performance | Achievement

We understand and meet the needs of our clients through being clear on aims, setting stretching targets and finding the best possible solutions. We make things happen, take on personal responsibility and maintain the highest possible standards in everything we do.


We take responsibility for sustainability on various levels. Our activities aim to design sustainable processes and support long-term learning. We engage with nonprofit organizations, offering our expertise at discounted rates and pro bono – we call this Coverdale in Community. Our WIN³ initiative aims to integrate sustainability into our corporate culture and philosophy by leveraging process design capabilities and drawing inspiration from Corporate Social Responsibility to Environmental Social Governance initiatives. We expand the negotiation principle of “Win-Win” for involved parties to include a third “Win” that incorporates environmental impacts into solutions – WIN3.


Our goal is not only to act in this world but to actively interact with it.


After understanding your objectives for the initiative, we assume process responsibility and recommend the appropriate format. We facilitate groups with impartiality, methodological competence, and the principle of “disturbances have priority.” With the common goal in focus, we work in a process-oriented manner, addressing questions, developments, resistance, and conflicts immediately, reflecting on them and working through them. This allows you to fully engage with the content, whether it’s a workshop, training, consultation, or coaching – in-person, hybrid, or digital, in large groups or individually – as a standalone intervention or a series of programs.

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