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You have the potentials, we have the competencies to help you unfold and develop them.

We truly thrive when we design processes that support the development of individuals, teams and organizations, while and discovering and building upon their existing strengths and skills.

Organizational development

We design change processes in organizations, business units, or teams. Whether it’s transformation, change management, or corporate development – for us, they all involve enhancing self-regulation, a willingness to learn, and interaction, as well as adapting to environmental requirements. Our goal is to create solutions for a sustainable world. A challenging task that we approach with passion.

Excerpt from our portfolio:
Organizational transformations
Mergers and defusions
Change processes
Departmental and team development

Leadership development

Leadership means providing guidance, shaping, and taking responsibility. This meaning is changing in the context of transformation, self-organization, agility, digitalization and generational shifts. In sparring with organizational and personnel developers, HR, and academies, we create learning environments that understand learning and development as an adaptive process. We build on the experiences, skills, and strengths of leaders, inspire them, and promote the transfer into their day-to-day leadership practice.

Excerpt from our portfolio:
Enhancing skills of aspiring and experienced managers
Moderation, facilitation and consulting for management teams
Individual sparring on all leadership topics
Hybrid leadership and remote leadership
Mindful leadership

Development of teams and cooperation

For us, the key to success lies in constructive dialog at eye level. Flexible teams that continuously adapt their collaboration and respond to changes ensure their viability and create a future-oriented foundation. Clear in their vision, customer-oriented, appreciative of diversity, they deliberately leverage different strengths, regard feedback as a valuable resource for development, and consciously learn from experiences. This approach energizes them and drives them forward.

Excerpt from our portfolio:
Effective and efficient collaboration
Conflict management
Stress management
(Team) resilience
Negotiation training

Personal development

As coaches, we support you in difficult professional phases or conflicts. We help stopping escalations, sorting emotions, help with decisions, promote taking responsibility, prepare for new roles, strengthen effectiveness in existing roles and develop viable solutions with you. During the coaching process, we focus on fostering self-help which enables you to build on your existing skills, find your inner strength and powerfulness and strengthen your self-efficacy and resilience.

Excerpt from our portfolio:
Individual transformation
Coaching for professional and private issues
Healthy self-management and self-care

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