We celebrate the EFMD Silver Award for Daimler Truck and Coverdale International.

DT… rocks! – when organisational change leads to the silver award

The Daimler Truck Initiative DTROCKs has been awarded the EFMD Excellence in Practice Award 2023 in silver. This development initiative has grown into a community of Daimler Truck leaders that fosters engagement and an impactful culture around the globe. Coverdale International – being the only partner company not having a business school or university background – is proud in having played a supporting role in co-creating this joyful and inspirational initiative together with the Daimler Truck Learning Academy.


On December 10, 2021, when the Daimler Truck Group was listed on the stock exchange as independent, the company faced a combination of challenges and opportunities that had the potential to make industry history:

  1. The truck industry was in the midst of the biggest upheaval in its history – the conversion of drive systems to electric and hydrogen propulsion systems.
  2. The associated revolution in talent, skills, and workforce around the world.
  3. The still-smoldering consequences of Covid in production chains, and serious bottlenecks in the supply chain, especially for semiconductors.
  4. Daimler Truck going public and becoming an independent company with more than 100,000 employees.

In order to be able to respond more quickly to changing customer needs, complex market dynamics, and the expectations of the capital markets, Daimler AG optimized its organisational structure. In this context of a new corporate realignment, the leadership development played a key role.
The Daimler Truck Learning Academy, together with partners such as Coverdale, developed an innovative global initiative called DTROCKs, which enables Daimler Truck leaders worldwide to manifest the new work culture at Daimler Truck in the shortest possible time, and to reflect, develop, and operationalize their individual skills to successfully lead themselves, their teams, and the business.

DTROCKs is a global learning experience designed to reach leaders at all levels, business units, and locations around the world. The program involves all leaders of Daimler Truck across the company in a hybrid format: live in a digital environment combined with decentralized workshops (“intact teams”).

DTROCKs introduced several innovations:

  • A technological facility that connects geographically dispersed facilitators and thousands of participants around the world (including Germany, Japan, and the U.S.) in the shortest possible time and provides content support and guidance – even beyond the workshops.
  • A concept that is utilizing a tailored Microsoft Power App and creating a high level of participation throughout the group combined with an application-oriented focus (the Great Leadership Behavior).
  • An interlocking setting of intact team interventions that is sustainable.

The DTROCKs initiative is the catalyst for Daimler Truck Group’s new corporate culture and is strongly supported by the Board of Management of Daimler Truck, which stands united in its ambition to ensure leadership excellence within the company for the future, also by participating in the workshops.


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