Nothing is as certain as change!


“My goal is to help people and organizations through change and transformation processes in such a way that they grasp these processes as an opportunity to grow and use them accordingly. Change continually helps us to leave our comfort zone and to recognize and apply more of our real potential in order to achieve our goals.”

Dr. Hanspeter Durlesser

Consultant, trainer, partner, CEO Coverdale India


Consulting and training focuses

  • Consulting and facilitation for change and transformation processes of teams and organizations
  • Development programs for senior and junior management personnel and trainees
  • Coaching and supervision of individuals and teams
  • Large-group facilitation and outdoor trainings
  • Train-the-trainer programs
  • Courses/seminars in team development, project management, sales/negotiation and conflict management


Working languages

German, English


Education and training

  • Degree in Geophysics from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich
  • PhD., Department of Soil Science at the Technical University of Munich
  • Training as a corporate consultant and trainer in accordance with the professional guidelines of the Bundesverband Deutscher Verkaufsförderer und Trainer (BDVT)
  • Training as a consultant and trainer at Coverdale Germany
  • Coaching training with Dietz Training und Beratung
  • Training as an outdoor trainer at Rosche Management
  • Training as a hospice aid


Professional experience

  • Project management in the field of engineering and environmental physics at an engineering firm
  • Member of the academic staff in the Department of Soil Science at the Technical University of Munich
  • Involvement in subprojects of major interdisciplinary research projects of the FAM (Forschungsverbund Agrarökosysteme München) and preagro
  • Founder of SOIL INVEST, a service provider, based on a testing method developed during doctoral studies
  • Managing Director of SOIL INVEST until taken over by the partner
  • CEO of Coverdale India
  • Lecturer at the University of Applied Science Weihenstephan Triesdorf (HWST)
  • With Coverdale since 2000