Michal Zuza

Consultant, Trainer, Partner, Managing Director of Coverdale Czech Republic
Coverdale Deutschland

"I make a special effort to help people at all levels of the hierarchy to recognize common goals and to accomplish their objectives effectively using a clear language that is understood by all. I believe it is also important for people to deal openly with one another and to solve difficult problems in an open manner. After all, individual achievements and success should always lead to success of the team as a whole."

Consulting and training focuses

  • Courses/seminars in team development and leadership, project management and negotiation
  • Courses/seminars in facilitation, visualization and presentation
  • Coaching teams
  • Consulting and facilitation for goal-building and vision-building processes
  • Mediation
  • Training for trainers
  • Facilitation of discussions, workshops and project meetings


German, Czech

Education and training

  • Training as an automobile mechanic; school diploma in mechanical engineering
  • Studies in education at Karls University, Prague
  • “A” Licence as a volleyball trainer, DVV
  • Training as a trainer and consultant at Screen GmbH, Düsseldorf
  • Structogramme – personality development method
  • Training as a consultant and trainer at Coverdale Germany

Professional experience

  • Technician for the public transport authority in Prague
  • Volleyball trainer for the TV Godesberg, SSF Bonn and Fortuna Bonn clubs
  • Trainer/technician at Klöckner-Moeller, Bonn
  • Trainer/consultant and manager of the Prague branch office of Screen GmbH, Düsseldorf