Organizational development is one important domain of our Coverdale work.

Organizations need to ask themselves these questions:
Which processes, which procedures and which management structures fit our needs and objectives and with which people can success be achieved?

We have prepared a Theme Booklet in order to facilitate this process of defining an organization’s position. It presents a mixture of theoretical and practical approaches, of prioritization and implementation in alternation.

Fluid organizations are the current answer to the challenges posed by globalization and digitalization. Decisions must be made round the clock in globally active organizations, when, for example, night has turned to day in a branch located on the other side of the globe and a production problem requires immediate attention. The Internet and the many communication channels offered by social media enable more rapid communication, and decisions must be made 24/7. The old management mechanism in which decisions regarding emerging problems are requested “from the top” often leads to a dead end. But where are the new models?

The Booklet outlines our Coverdale approach.


Coverdale Theme Booklet

Questions for reflection on the process