Professional consultancy to achieve optimal results

Coverdale offers professional advice and support in many areas in order to achieve the best possible solutions and end results that will inspire all parties involved. We have extensive experience in advising organizations in a wide variety of industrial sectors and on diverse projects.


Project kick-off

The start of a project is often a crucial moment. A good project kick off is sometimes decisive for cost-effective, satisfactory and timely handling of the project. Coverdale ensures the best possible chance of success by making sure that the right people are charged right from the start with the task of guaranteeing the appropriate and needed resources and securing smooth handling of the project.


Project and task delivery

In complex, unfamiliar or high risk tasks and projects professional facilitation can ensure that the right people are able to focus their skills and experience on delivering the best possible result. Coverdale can provide experienced, hands-on facilitation to ensure the delivery of high quality results that satisfy all stakeholders.


Integrated business planning

The planning process is often a top down activity. This can lead to lack of buy-in and commitment at best, and at worst to the plan gathering dust in a drawer somewhere. Coverdale facilitation of the integrated planning process can ensure buy-in to the plan and more importantly a commitment to action, continuous review and ultimately the implementation of the plan.


Conflict management

By getting the right people into the same room and by professional facilitation that allows all parties concerned to fully focus on the issue at hand, conflicts that have seemed insurmountable before can be resolved in a surprisingly short time. Coverdale can support you in developing cost effective solutions that are owned by all parties to the conflict.


Management conferences/large scale events

Facilitated events can deliver remarkable results that engage large numbers of people, delivering business benefits and leaving those involved highly committed and motivated. Coverdale has extensive experience in many parts of the world in bringing large numbers of people together and bringing their collective energy and experience to bear in order to achieve incredible results.