Further development of your organization’s structures and processes with the aim of sustained enhancement of performance

Coverdale offers a broad spectrum of tailor-made solutions for the development and enhancement of your organization. In close cooperation with your employees and executives, we help you take a clear direction, develop the skills and build the motivation necessary to achieve your objectives in the following areas:


Vision and strategy

An inspiring and stimulating vision and mission that unites all internal and external parties concerned is essential for lasting success: One of the key motivators for high performance is the value that you attribute to your own work – beyond making money and financial success. Coverdale supports you in becoming aware of your own strengths and finding the best possible strategy to success. We accompany and assist you in successfully implementing your strategy.



Continuing development of process, social and personal skills is essential for the sustainable success of organizations. Coverdale offers a variety of diagnostic methods to determine the status quo of competencies in parts or in the entire organization. The result serves as a solid basis for the planning and implementation of targeted measures for the development of new competencies and skills.


Structural change

Are you able to achieve your goals within the wider context of your life? Coverdale can support you in analyzing this and making sure that your life context supports your strategies instead of hindering them and can help you implement changes in your behavioral patterns that are observed by the people who are around you.


Leadership in change processes

Implement change processes successfully by motivating your employees and gaining acceptance. Coverdale can make sure that your change process is carefully planned and regularly reviewed, and most of all implemented effectively.


Changes in company culture and orientation

Are all employees in your organization tuned in to the same wavelength? Are organization, work force and resources structured in a way that enables you to achieve your goals? For example, a company culture geared towards avoiding risks in order to prevent mistakes will hardly support a strategy focused on innovation.


Company mergers, acquisitions and organizational integration

During company mergers, financial aspects are usually carefully reviewed, and structural and financial modalities for the period after the merger are formulated in great detail. However, after the fusion of two corporate cultures, the anticipated synergies often fail to materialize. In our experience, a thorough analysis of the company cultures is an indispensable prerequisite for a company merger. Through our holistic approach, we can accompany and support you in creating a corporate culture that achieves the desired results by supporting the company’s vision.


Behavioral changes and skill development

Essential for any change process is that employees develop the requisite strengths and skills necessary to achieve the organizations’ objectives. The necessary skills and related behaviors have to be analyzed and a reliable plan has to be made. Coverdale can help structure and implement your organization’s plans. In addition, we offer tailor-made programs for the development of these structures in order to ensure continuing integration: For example, the Coverdale method of experiential learning – targeted learning from experience – focuses on development and improvement of skills and competencies and on behavioral changes.


Leading projects to success

With every change an organization undergoes, working in projects becomes increasingly important. Design and structuring of the project can help you achieve the desired results. Coverdale offers advice and support in the following areas: project structuring, result monitoring, process evaluation, design of change projects and process evaluation in project work.