Our consulting focus


  • Consulting for organizations faced with profound changes due to changes in general business conditions
  • Consulting on the further development and renewal of the Human Interaction Operating System
  • Consulting and support in change projects
  • Consulting and support of executives and executive teams
  • Training of Transformation Agents

Frequent changes and constant new development of an enterprise have become part of day-to-day business. Many organizations are even faced with profound upheaval due to radical changes in their markets, customers and other underlying economic conditions. We are talking here about transformation. In some sectors, these radical changes will likely continue to happen on a regular basis, making it essential for organizations to possess the capacity and readiness for continual change. The key factor for an organization’s efficiency, economic improvement and capacity to learn and adapt is the way in which the organization organizes, leads and cooperates.

We refer to this as building and developing transformation competence.