Based on your objectives, we work with you to develop the right actions - from individual coaching to leadership development programs.

Contents, designs and interventions all focus on the desired role, hierarchic levels and prior experience of the target group.

Our actions are guided by the following understanding of leadership:


Leadership mission

To provide orientation, shape events and assume responsibility in order to …

  • ensure that the enterprise is economically successful and will continue to thrive in future.
  • create conditions under which each individual can contribute to this goal to the best of his or her ability.
  • create something of value for society above and beyond the economic success of the enterprise.


Leadership attitude

The objective and purpose of leadership is:

  • To create an atmosphere of social cooperation within the enterprise that fulfills the individuals’ needs for both inclusion and autonomy.
  • To promote an appreciative leadership culture that enables employees to demonstrate and further develop their skills.
  • To perceive people as whole individuals and create a framework that enables them to pursue their social and cultural interests.
  • To serve as a role model for those who are led.


Leadership skills

Leadership means:

  • Developing visions and strategies;
  • communicating clear objectives and jointly attaining goals;
  • creating and enhancing structures and business processes;
  • leading and developing subordinates;
  • shaping and guiding communication, cooperation and decision-making processes;
  • leading oneself.