Leadership development for experienced executives


The Coverdale Learning Company was created to provide an optimum learning environment for (seminar-)experienced executives.


The Coverdale Learning Company is an organization developed in a seminar, whose main purposes are to generate leadership know-how and provide participants in a variety of roles reflection opportunities with regard to leadership on the basis of experiential learning.
Responsibility for the learning process and the content rests primarily with the participants. In this process, the trainers act as consultants and coaches.

As experienced executives, the participants are used to assuming responsibility for their assigned areas. The seminar concept challenges them to additionally take responsibility for themselves, specifically for their own further career development.

The Coverdale Learning Company offers participants a learning and experiential space that they predominantly structure themselves, and which in terms of organization, roles and tasks reflects the participants’ actual working and requirement situation. It is the responsibility of the participants to initiate and structure their leadership, goal-attainment and cooperation process themselves. The participants explore topic areas by means of experiential learning. Their actions and the resulting effects enable them to experience successes – or failures – from which they learn by reflecting on the leadership situation as they experienced it. Additionally, the consultants provide the participants with explanatory models and advanced action options, methods and leadership knowledge.


Participant opinion:

“At the start, I was somewhat surprised that the 24 seminar participants had to form an enterprise with teams and hierarchies instead of the expected theoretical frontal instruction. And when we were then assigned to develop the seminar content ourselves by means of this organization, I was shocked and wanted my money back. But the longer the exercise went on, the more apparent it became that we were not only studying the topic areas on a much deeper level, but in the process also experiencing practical challenges such as teamwork, politics and leadership. In the end, we came away not only with excellently prepared presentations which we could measure against theory with the help of the coaches, but also numerous topics derived from our roles in the enterprise. So I benefitted doubly from this time with the Learning Company. In particular, I was able to use the feedback from the other participants successfully for my day-to-day work as an executive.”
- Klaus Polley, Deutsche Telekom AG -


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