Why organizational diagnostics?

As a consequence of globalization and technological development, enterprises are subject to constant change. In order to master this change, significant resources are invested in the necessary change processes.
Organizational diagnostics are an aid for successfully planning and implementing change processes. They analyze the state of the organization and thus pinpoint both the need for and the willingness to change. Organizational diagnostics enable a precise picture of the organization and the identification of leverage points for intervention planning. They provide the basis for an organizational development that seeks to renew and enhance the organization through change processes. The results help to select suitable approaches and offer possibilities for evaluation to enable validation of intervention success.


Application of diagnostic tools

Coverdale considers the use of tools in organizational diagnostics helpful in registering and analyzing the situation in the enterprise independently of subjective viewpoints and opinions. In terms of their objectivity, validity and reliability, these tools meet the quality criteria of scientific standards. Executives and process stakeholders participate in the diagnostic process and are actively involved in the development of the process strategy.


Focus of the tools

Among other purposes, we use diagnostic tools for the following topics and areas:

  • Determining the communication within the enterprise
  • Determining the organizational climate
  • Team diagnostics
  • Leadership diagnostics
  • Stress diagnostics
  • Personality diagnostics
  • Assessment center

We pay special attention to the diagnostic process as the start of the development action, as the communication between organization members, diagnostic experts and the Client causes the first changes to begin to happen.
To this end, Coverdale has developed a procedure that creates transparency within the organization and minimizes possible resistance and irritations.
Coverdale has a team of experts that specializes in organizational diagnostics.


Process consulting for diagnostics and intervention planning

We perform process consulting by planning and executing rational approaches and processes together with clients and stakeholders. Process consulting supports and enables all parties involved in arriving at an independent solution to their problems and change issues.
The focus is on results and the organization’s learning capability. Our approach is to help organizations to help themselves.
We regard the organization holistically: the diagnosis and intervention examines and takes into account all concrete aspects of the enterprise, such as strategy, culture, processes, systems, resources and products.
Coverdale process consulting begins with the first contact with the client and ends with the conclusion/evaluation of the change process.
We execute process-oriented interventions that lead to attainment of the agreed objectives: training seminars, workshops, team, unit and leadership development and coaching. Regular reviews ensure that the interventions are adapted to processes as required.


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