Coverdale coaching philosophy: our understanding of coaching


In coaching, as in all other things Coverdale does, we support a humanistic view: people have choices in how they respond to a particular situation - different alternatives to act, or not to act. This freedom comes with responsibility. Regardless if we are aware of the choices we make or not, we are accountable for the consequences and the effect on others and ourselves. Raising awareness for this freedom and responsibility is the starting point for coaching.

The basis for our definition of coaching lies in enlarging the scope for choice and therefore enabling the coachee to take clear responsibility.

Based on this philosophy there are various definitions of coaching. Generally, most definitions have in common that the purpose of coaching is to unlock a persons or teams potential to maximize their performance. Coverdale defines coaching as a systematic, forward-looking and results-oriented process in which the coach facilitates experiential learning rather than providing advice or solutions. The coach might offer models, assessments, exercises or readings to stimulate thinking and self-discovery.