Of course, we could write all sorts of clever things about principles of blended learning and about didactic and methodological tricks. But that’s not our thing. We offer person-to-person consulting, training and coaching services that meet our clients’ needs. And we apply that standard to our blended learning concepts as well – based on our own objectives or those of our clients, in writing or through personal dialog, in small groups or in online sessions with all participants. Our approach is sometimes cognitive and often intuitive, but always situation-based.


We view blended learning as …

  • an opportunity to use our attractive digital teaching media to design and intensify the entire training and learning process individually and with optimum results.
  • a modern form of networked learning that depends on neither time nor place, but recognizes the importance of personal contact.
  • a combination of online and presence elements, peer learning and coaching.
  • a process of developing a learning arrangement adapted to your specific needs; that makes learning more flexible and sustainable for your employees.
  • a means of integrating your learning program within our Coverdale Learning Management System or within the context of an existing comparable digital solution in place in your organization.


Blended Learning programs at Coverdale

  • When we develop a program in cooperation with you, we consider your people, your organization and everything for which they stand.
  • On that basis we develop learning programs for you in which we apply the methods of learning through experience to ensure sustainable improvements in competence.
  • This approach runs like a continuous thread through all online and presence phases. That ensures lively interaction, pleasure in learning and a high degree of applicability. 
  • Everyone is picked up where she or he stands and experiences an individual learning process.



Get in touch with us and let us design a tailor-made blended learning concept for you as well.
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