“Due to the highly dynamic nature of the IT industry, organizations and individuals are faced with numerous challenges, on the one hand, as well as strong competitive pressure, on the other. This means that individual employees are often exposed to excessive stress. That in turn hinders communication within the team – people no longer have time to talk with their colleagues – and results in a loss of orientation in the medium and long term. Urgent issues accumulate and form what appears to be an impenetrable wall around the individual.
Coverdale has been supporting me for many years as consultant and coach, helping reunite my teams, provide orientation and establish our teamwork on a productive basis. That is a tremendous challenge, especially in widely distributed teams. What distinguishes Coverdale in particular is its ability to incorporate personal and interpersonal aspects into the discussion along with the purely objective perspective. That enables the team to find solutions that achieve the objective purpose in question while responding to the personal needs of individuals at the same time. In this way, orientation and motivation are regularly restored within the team.”

Dr. Alfred Aue, Executive Vice President Application Services GE, Capgemini Deutschland GmbH

"The Human Resources Development team at T-Systems has been working successfully with Coverdale for many years. In the past, it was the leadership topics for which we jointly conducted training seminars in mixed teams with internal and external Coverdale trainers. The project we are currently working together on relates to our T-Systems Go Ahead! expert career. We have created a development program to prepare our high-potentials from around the world for current and future challenges. It was important for us here to find a partner with whom we as a company can generate and develop the program and its contents in close mutual consultation. Additionally, this partner had to meet the demands of an internationally oriented program. We experienced the Coverdale trainer team as extremely professional and exceptionally appreciative, but also as having the necessary balance between goal orientation and flexibility. Our employees took away from this program a great deal for their personal development and came out of the seminars highly motivated. That is ultimately our contribution to enterprise success and customer satisfaction.“

Brunhilde Feldmann, Head of Team Talentmanagement Framework & Design, HR Development, Deutsche Telekom AG

"Coverdale was recommended to me when I became head of the Personnel Development Department and began rebuilding it. In our first joint project in 2012, we developed a practice-based concept for career models. In 2015, Coverdale moderated a conflict-resolution process involving multiple management levels. This experience resulted in a significant improvement in teamwork and led to the development of an advanced coaching-support program. I was less than enthusiastic, to be honest, when it became apparent that a change was about to take place within the consulting team. But to my surprise, the transition within the Coverdale team was absolutely trouble-free and professionally handled. I am particularly impressed with the neutral approach taken by the consultants, their clearly defined position and their keen sense of employees’ needs. Crucial issues were quickly recognized and clearly identified during interviews. I can certainly recommend Coverdale without any reservations whatsoever. It is essential, however, to be seriously willing to make a change. Only then does it make sense to work with Coverdale."

Cornelis Wendler, Director Education and Personnel Development, AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke

"When the time came for my team to assume new roles and duties in May of 2014, we had nothing but a rough concept to go on. I wanted to develop the detailed concept with the employees on my team in order to make sure that everyone was on board, build on the strengths of each individual member and achieve the greatest possible acceptance. Coverdale supported this paradigm shift from the human perspective.
What sets Coverdale consultants apart is their keen sense of what is happening at a given moment. They are usually the first to realize where problems lie. As precision mechanics for the world of human emotions, they succeed consistently in breaking down barriers, identifying difficult situations and resolving them systematically.
We used to say, “It’s praise enough when nothing needs to be said.” Today we make use of feedback in both directions. This helps make problems transparent, on the one hand, as I can only change what I can see. On the other hand, calling attention specifically to things that are going well has a strong motivating effect.
Coverdale doesn’t just go by the book, simply applying rules a consultant has happened to learn somewhere. Coverdale consultants always focus on the organization, the individual and the needs of each. Coverdale helps us achieve our goals. Even though we have already accomplished a great deal in this way, in terms of problem-solving by the team, collegial teamwork and mutual respect among colleagues, we can never be finished. I look forward to developing myself and my team in cooperation with Coverdale as we prepare for the challenges of the future."

Jürgen Emich, Department Chief Energy Management Processes, eprimo GmbH

"Our relationship with Coverdale started in 2008. ESO focused initially on building a comprehensive training portfolio and worked together with Coverdale on the topics time management and conflict management. In the context of re-structuring ESO from a line organization into a matrix organization Coverdale was selected to be the partner. The expertise of Coverdale facilitators in the delivery of change-supportive workshops for our line managers, project engineers and engineers was appreciated. Over the years Coverdale was besides organizational consulting also selected for (executive) coaching.
The perfect coordination of Coverdale facilitators in all training or consultancy contexts has been a major advantage for us. The Coverdale trainers we have worked with have substantial practical know-how and management experience. Delegates highly appreciate their expertise and flexibility. We frequently hear from our staff that all the problems and issues they raise are taken seriously, even though they may not have been on the agenda in the first place."

Angela Arndt, HR Learning and Development, ESO European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere

"The FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik is a non-profit institute devoted to technology transfer and research in the field of computer science. It informs business enterprises and public institutions about the most recent scientific insights in information technology and qualifies young people for academic and business careers or self-employment as independent entrepreneurs. No company-wide management-personnel development program existed in our organization until 2014. In most cases, scholars and scientists appointed to leadership positions at the FZI are confronted with management duties for the first time. We have set up a development program consisting of multiple modules, including training and workshop elements for all management personnel in collaboration with Coverdale in order to develop a common management concept and promote the application of standardized management tools.
We soon realized that we had made good progress in the planning and conduct of meetings and that scholars and scientists in management positions are now applying a consistent goal-oriented approach. Generally speaking, the substantive dialog among our managers has gained in importance. Our management personnel are seeking and defining mutually satisfactory solutions, and we note a much stronger sense of identification with and responsibility for the FZI as a whole.“

Jan Wiesenberger, Managing Director, FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik

"Our corporate group is involved in fashion center management and the operation of a business and conference hotel with an affiliated trade-fair and event center. Managers and employees in these business segments must be able to deal effectively with the constantly changing dynamics of the evolving need for innovation and change. Continuous adaptation and progressive development of the organization within its own area of responsibility as well as inter-company coordination with other areas of responsibility are focal point of management activity.
Coverdale has impressed us with its systematic approach to consulting, which focuses on interaction among the individuals who play active roles in business operations and on the goal of enhancing the resources and competencies that are available within the organization. For more than two years, Coverdale has been providing regular support for our management team in the form of workshops led by Mr. Weegen lasting several days. Under the influence of this consulting support, our hierarchical management approach has evolved in favor or agile organizational units in which every individual has opportunities to apply his or her personal and professional skills more effectively and take part in the decision-making process. Obstacles attributable to behavior patterns within the organization are recognized and the development of a feedback culture devoted to maintaining positive relationships is promoted. The workshops have given our management team more confidence when it comes to operational decisions and resulted in a significant improvement in communication. I myself have also benefited from valuable impulses from our cooperation with Coverdale and Mr. Weegen, and have recognized a positive change in my own management style."

Bernhard Sturm, Managing Shareholder, GLOBANA Center-Management GmbH

"We have already had good experiences with Coverdale. The joint workshops offer the opportunity to resolve open issues, delve into topics in more detail and discuss them, and grow further as a team. Processes are examined and the cooperation is optimized.
Coverdale consultants are not the type who would restrict themselves to the role of a prompter and moderator. They take an active part in the team's work, encouraging and challenging the participants in equal measure. It is nice to have such a competent partner on our side who can help us achieve our objectives."

Thomas Becker, Managing Director, IMA Dairy & Food Holding GmbH

"We have been working with Coverdale Deutschland in the area of staff development for many years. We collaborated on the development of a tailor-made concept for our communication agency. That has resulted in better service quality, enhanced employee satisfaction and demonstrably longer employee retention time. We appreciate the individualized consulting support, the methodological competence and the outstanding personal qualities of Coverdale consultants."

Dirk Loesch, Managing Director, LHLK Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH

„My dad told me that I wouldn’t learn for my parents, or for the school as an institution when I was a child. Instead I would learn for myself. That’s it what I figured out during my Coverdale class: how right he was.“

Dr. Susanne Becker, Press  Officer, Pfalzwerke AG


"After four eventful Coverdale seminar days I feel the need to express my heartfelt thanks. I was impressed with the opportunity to experience the Coverdale learning culture first hand. I also met a number of very interesting people who had a truly enriching influence on me – trainers who made the seminar a valuable learning experience for me through their professionalism, their attitudes and the individual approaches. Those were four thrilling days during which I was able to take away a number of positive impulses – in a personal sense as well. One simply can’t ask for more."

Doris Bender, Personnel Development Specialist, Sparkasse Heidelberg

"My personal experience of working together with Coverdale now stretches back over more than 15 years. As a construction company in the energy sector, during this period we have experienced a partner in Coverdale who has used highly qualified experts to provide ongoing support in very different fields and at different levels, such as conflict management, conducting negotiations, team development and coaching processes. The training emphasizes the interpersonal as well as the process levels; the company's operative business plays a secondary role. Exclusively positive feedback from our training participants has confirmed our decision to structure and implement, together with Coverdale, ongoing further education concepts for different corporate divisions and management levels. The Coverdale team has been convincing in all situations in terms of flexibility, commitment and individual professional expertise. It is worth emphasizing in particular the will and the ability to respond to specific challenges, to react to changing parameters and, with us as client, to analyze processes with pronounced attention to detail."

Jörg Klasen, CEO, Standardkessel Baumgarte Gruppe

"Coverdale conducts coaching and the consulting and supervision of projects for the University of Cologne. In their work, the Coverdale consultants show a high level of professionalism and flexibility in dealing with exceptional challenges in a university context. In all activities of the Coverdale consultants, the focus is squarely on the objectives and customer utility, and on partnering-oriented behavior."

Andrea Jackmuth, HR Department, Universität zu Köln

"I have experienced working with Coverdale for over 15 years now, and in the third company for which I oversee human resources. So I have had the opportunity to become familiar with the exceptional performance capability of this organization in different enterprise structures and problem situations. The main characteristics of Coverdale's approach were clearly apparent in all these situations: the precise and 'incorruptible' analysis of the problem, extremely conscientious implementation and high credibility with respect to their own principles and convictions in organizational and human resources development. Coverdale does not operate using popular buzzwords, but well-founded and serious content.“

Jürgen Dost, Director HR, Manufacturing Germany/Austria/Nordics, Wilkinson Sword GmbH