"Well you know, we all want to change the world..."

(The Beatles)

Coverdale has a long tradition to work for and with institutions and organizations that strive for positive change in this world; from the United Nations, USAID to World Bank development programs, educational institutions and other international and domestic non-profits.


Efficient teamwork and leadership

Minimizing overheads and maximizing the alignment of resources toward the mission is a critical task for a non-profit. Internal and external stakeholders expect a collaborative working environment and an organizational footprint that reflect purpose and values of the organization and support the cause. 

Coverdale's guiding principles deeply rooted in our values supports the development of the required skills and capabilities.


Collaborative working and skill development

There are several other levels where Coverdale supports non-profit organizations:

  • Partnerships, alliances and joint activities with a diverse group of stakeholders are essential for non-profit organizations. Managing these relationships successfully and working effectively with diverse stakeholders requires the development of collaborative working skills in addition to teamwork skills. 
  • Developing critical skills across cultures with the ultimate client of your organization's services: Coverdale has worked in over 80 countries with very diverse participant groups across many cultures, including tribal leaders in Africa and local government representatives in Bangladesh. We can ensure the alignment and successful implementation of your organization's activities.
  • Development of in-house trainers, coaches, consultants (read more about this option): In order to aid sustainability and efficiency of programs we can develop your people to work alongside us. After the implementation of the program they will act as an anchor for any learning and change.