Team coaching in motor sports


Coverdale consultant Ralph Schubert has been accompanying the Mercedes-AMG DTM (German Touring Car Masters) race team for the past four years.
Currently, the team consists of six drivers (eight until 2016) competing for the drivers’ and manufacturers’ titles. They are supported by approx. 60 engineers, mechanics and supporting staff that make up the whole team.

The key challenge of this team training lies in forming a team out of a group of individualists and lone warriors that is able to provide mutual support and to place the interests of the brand before individual interests in order to win the championship for Mercedes-AMG. The aim of the team coaching is being able to function as a team at high-performance level even in complex race situations.

In February 2017, the annual Mercedes-AMG drivers’ fitness camp took place in La Manga, Spain, during which a training exercise for creating a high-performance culture has been documented on film. Video on YouTube.